Full membership meetings are held quarterly.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our full membership meetings will be held virtually as approved by Ohio Governor Dewine.  Contact Jennifer Kuzma for details at jkuzma@bedfordoh.gov.  

Our Mission


The mission of the Northeast Ohio First Suburbs Consortium is to initiate and support policies and
practices that protect, maintain and redevelopment mature communities and foster regional
cooperation and collaboration. 


The History Of First Suburbs 

​​​​     ​                                       Northeast Ohio First Suburbs Consortium

​​FreshWater Cleveland Series

25th Anniversary Celebration!

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Northeast Ohio First Suburbs Consortium and to celebrate this milestone, join us as we look back at highlights of the last 25 years including successes, reflections from members and how the events of the region shaped the First Suburbs Consortium and its focus. Our first story will spotlight 1996-2001 with a special message from First Suburbs founder and former Cleveland Heights vice-mayor and councilman Ken Montlack. If you remember our early years and would like to add to this story, let us know. We would love to hear from you!

​By definition, a First Suburb is a community that was built or mostly built, near or in many cases
adjacent to central cities, before 1960. In Northeast Ohio, suburban development began around 1900
and progressed slowly until halted by the Great Depression and World War II.


FreshWater Cleveland's series First Suburbs: A Closer Look, focuses on the Northeast Ohio First Suburb Consortium communities surrounding Cleveland. This series will highlight various First Suburbs member communities focusing on unheralded people and innovative programs that are making a difference, through FreshWater Cleveland’s solutions-based journalism lens.