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​​FreshWater Cleveland Series

"​The City of Brooklyn’s participation in the First Rin​g Suburbs Consortium is vital. Being a first ring suburb presents a unique set of challenges and this consortium allows us to network and share information and ideas with cities similar to ours."  Mayor Katie Gallagher


​A First Suburbs Success:

Brooklyn’s Exterior Property Maintenance Grant Program

The City of Brooklyn’s medium home price has increased by 16.3% this past year. This is a tremendous improvement for our community and a result of our continued focus on working with our residents to maintain and enhance our housing stock. 

The City of Brooklyn believes it is important for local government to play a role in assisting residents whenever possible to maintain vibrant housing stock and strong property values.   Approximately 3,000 of Brooklyn’s homes are over 50 years old.  In order to help residents maintain their homes, Brooklyn is again offering an Exterior Home Maintenance Grant program in 2020 after a successful 2019 grant program.  Grants are available to one-family owner occupied properties that meet program guidelines.  The program provides up to $3,000 to Brooklyn residents to make exterior repairs and improvements to their homes.  Brooklyn residents were extremely appreciative of this program which has allowed them to complete necessary repairs that otherwise might not have been made without this funding assistance. 


​By definition, a First Suburb is a community that was built or mostly built, near or in many cases
adjacent to central cities, before 1960. In Northeast Ohio, suburban development began around 1900
and progressed slowly until halted by the Great Depression and World War II.


Full membership meetings are held quarterly.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our full membership meetings will be postponed until it is safer for large group gatherings.

The mission of the Northeast Ohio First Suburbs Consortium is to initiate and support policies and
practices that protect, maintain and redevelopment mature communities and foster regional
cooperation and collaboration. 

FreshWater Cleveland's 2020 series First Suburbs: A Closer Look, focuses on the Northeast Ohio First Suburb Consortium communities surrounding Cleveland. This series will highlight various First Suburbs member communities focusing on unheralded people and innovative programs that are making a difference, through FreshWater Cleveland’s solutions-based journalism lens.  


The History Of First Suburbs 

Six Cuyahoga County Suburbs to streamline code enforcement, permitting

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