​​​​​     ​                                       Northeast Ohio First Suburbs Consortium

​​​Single-Family Housing Zoning Update   

Following successful implementation of Cuyahoga County's Demolition Fund, First Suburbs communities find themselves with vacant residential lots ready for infill development.  What stands in the way of redevelopment of these sites - our own single-family housing zoning code.  Partnering with Cuyahoga County Planning Commission with support from Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation, First Suburbs spent 2021 taking a look at our current single-family housing zoning codes, to identify ways to update those codes to encourage new housing in our communities.  Links below will take you to various recaps of this work completed in the first phase of this project.

Community Survey Findings

Phase One Final Report 

Phase One Addendum Maps

Housing Initiative Reports     

First Suburbs Housing Initiative Two-Family Conversion Report

First Suburbs Housing Initiative Bungalow Report