The mission of the FSDC is "to initiate and encourage collective economic and community development growth within the first0ring suburbs of Cleveland." 


The FSDC accomplishes this by providing resources to member communities to strengthen their capacity to advance development and re-development projects.



FSDC pursues a future where the Cleveland first-ring suburbs are attractive locations for residential, commercial and industrial development.  FSDC serves as a catalyst for regional economic growth, through sharing best practices, advocating for additional public development financing, and promoting a sustainable future, in which all member communities maintain healthy, stable economies, while preserving their individual characters.

FIRST SUBURBS DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL WAS Formed as a result of a task force comprised of economic development officials of the member communities and representatives from the Cuyahoga COunty Department of Development and planning commission to design a program to address development issues and augment each of the member communities' re-development efforts.  The committee engaged to develop a framework for the program, solicited input from development practitioners, regional economic development agencies and foundations.  The result was the creation of the First Suburbs Development Council in 2002 - a 501(c)(3) organizatioN INcorpotated by the State of ohio.


FSDC RFQ Details

Interested in the First Suburbs Development Council Online Permitting & Regionalized Code Enforcement Software Request for Qualifications?  Use this link to download the request package.  FSDC.RFQ2.zip

Responses to RFQ questions can be downloaded here.  FSDC Code Enforcement RFQ Question Responses.2.0.pdf